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 Apr 23, 2014
 |  last two shows
 |  of the tour!

 Apr 7, 2014
 |  "Radiant Turbulence" EP
 |  & Tour countdown!

 Apr 2, 2014
 |  Tempest Edition:
 |  2nd bonus download

 Feb 26, 2014
 |  venue change (Malmö)

 Feb 14, 2014
 |  Speak In Storms
 |  out now!

 Feb 4, 2014
 |  two shows added

 Jan 31, 2014
 |  Speak In Storms Tour
 |  * two shows added *

 Jan 27, 2014
 |  Song Snippets, Video,
 |  & Album Editions

 Nov 24, 2013
 |  Mastering, Dates
 |  & Artwork

 Nov 15, 2013
 |  Speak In Storms
 |  finished

 Sept 14, 2013
 |  'Releases' updated
 |  (Compilations)

 May 4, 2013
 |  'Releases' updated
 |  (Collaborations)

        [ 04/23/14 ]

Speak In Storms Tour: Last chance to see the show in Europe!
Eight out of ten scheduled shows played, two more shows to go. This is the last chance to see Seabound live in Europe this spring. In Nurnberg (25th April) and Saarbrucken (26th April) Seabound will team up with ARCHITECT. Don't miss out!

        [ 04/07/14 ]

The countdown is on!
Three days from now Seabound disembark on their "Speak In Storms" tour together with Iris. We are looking forward to seeing and meeting you!


At the shows, you will also have the opportunity to be the first to get hold of a copy  of the limited "RADIANT TURBULENCE" EP which will include long sought-after, 18-year-old and unreleased Seabound material, fully remastered with re-recorded vocals.

»  Dependent-Shop

        [ 04/02/14 ]

Good news for the owners of the "Speak In Storms" Tempest Edition. A second exclusive track is now available for download HERE. To access the site you will need the code included in the artwork.

        [ 02/14/14 ]

This is the day! Speak In Storms is finally released in Europe today, three days after its launch in North America. We are overwhelmed by the positive feedback received thus far. Many, many thanks for that! Keep the thoughts coming.

For the buyers of the Tempest Edition, HERE is a link to the first installment of exclusive bonus content. Check the artwork for the code required to access the site, and make sure you come back again. We will add more material over the following weeks.

        [ 01/31/14 ]

We are very pleased to announce the "Speak In Storms Tour", for April 2014, where we will be playing with our dear friends IRIS. This will be a rare, not-to-be-missed event, as Seabound and Iris have not toured Europe together previously.

Dates and links are posted below.

SPEAK IN STORMS TOUR  (April 2014)                updates

special guest: IRIS (10-17 Apr) and ARCHITECT (25-26 Apr)










Zentrum Altenberg 
K3 Lounge 
Comet ClubComet Club 
Kulturbolaget  !!

Resistanz Festival 

Garage (Kleiner Club) 

Comet ClubTickets 



        [ 01/27/14 ]

It is only three more weeks until the release of our new album! We are very grateful for the many positive advance messages regarding "Speak In Storms" and would like to thank you for that! HERE you can find the first prelistening snippets ("CONTRABAND", "EVERYTHING") as well as one full song ("A GROWN MAN"). The "Contraband" snippet also comes with a small TEASER VIDEO on the YouTube channel of our label Dependent:

As you might have heard already, "Speak In Storms" will be available in three formats: a regular album version, a limited 2CD digipak version, and a third edition. The limited digipak version includes the album and a bonus cd with the exclusive track "When She's Hungry" as well as remixes from select music friends. The "Tempest Edition" includes the same music but doesn't come as a digipak but as a 48-page, 7" size hardcover book instead. The full tracklist and remixer names can be found HERE.

Nico J. designed the artwork once again. Apart from his beautiful cover artwork the 48-page book contains the lyrics as well as additional texts written by Frank regarding some background details of the album. And there is a little "easter egg" to discover.

The "Tempest Edition" will be limited to 300 copies. You can find pre order links on the RELEASES page. The "Tempest Edition" will be released on February 14, 2014 along with the other editions.

Stay tuned, we will release more news and snippets soon. And check out our FACEBOOK page.

        [ 11/24/13 ]

Metropolis Records has announced the release date for SPEAK IN STORMS as February 11, 2014. Our European label Dependent will release the album a few days later.

cover SIS       Booklet SIS center

Thanks to Nico of ACRETONGUE for his great cover artwork for the album. You can have a look at the artwork HERE.

Meanwhile, we have received the mastered versions of the songs from the mastering studio. They did a great job, we are very happy with the results.

Below is the tracklist of the regular version of "Speak In Storms"

01. For Life
02. Contraband
03. For Another Day
04. Liberty Rose
05. A Grown Man
06. Everything
07. Lair
08. The Escape
09. Nothing But Love
10. Black Feathers

        [ 11/15/13 ]
Frank and Martin are re-emerging from the studio, and they would like to share some news and personal insights:

First of all, we would like to thank you. Though it has been pretty quiet for a long time, you continued to keep us motivated with your ongoing requests for the new album. Thank you for your support, it is good to know that you did not forget about us.

We have been pretty busy with the new album. We just completed the mixdowns for the latest song, and believe it or not: the album is done. The new album "Speak In Storms" is finalized. The album consists of ten songs, and we are very happy with the results.

What can we tell you about the new album? If we would have to characterize it in a single sentence we would probably say "It has become a Seabound album." And: The album does not contain a single song that we were not completely satisfied with, making it difficult for us to name any favorites.

The songs are pretty diverse, and the music ranges from atmospheric and cool to powerful and warm. If you attended a Seabound show last year, you have already listened to some new songs from the album. "Contraband", "Nothing But Love" as well as the opener "For Life" will be featured on the album. We were surprised how well the songs work together in the context of the album and how coherent the album has turned out to be.

The lyrics delineate a relentless and intrepid journey into a psychological abyss. The own past turns into a threatening labyrinth, and dealing with it becomes a dangerous undertaking. Nightmarish scenarios, revenants and lost souls, fateful encounters, and the quest for identity. Each song is multifaceted giving different answers, some hopeful, some resigned, others lurking, and ruthless. The characters of "Speak In Storms" are out for a quest, on the run, they are hunting night and day. "Speak In Storms" is a declaration of war against compromise and mediocrity. High stakes are on the line, storms will be sparked. Time is running out.

Nico J. (ACRETONGUE) created the artwork of the album. The final track list for the bonus CD is still in progress. The track list for the regular album is HERE.

The album will be released by DEPENDENT Records in Europe and METROPOLIS Records in North America, most likely in February. There is a good reason for pushing back the release date until next year, which we do not want to keep from you: We were asked to either finalize and release the album this year or to release it with a bonus CD as a limited edition, with material from other artists. The limited edition would require a release date next year. Obviously, we could not resist and opted for the limited edition which also gave us more time to work on details. So in a nutshell: There will be a two disc limited edition of "Speak In Storms", and we will wait with you until February.

Stay tuned, we will post further news soon.

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14 Feb 2014


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