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DecadanceTV (2008)
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(02/2004, german)

Side-Line 01-03/2004

Orkus 12-01 2003/2004
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Industrial Nation 07-12/03

Nordsee-Zeitung 07/2001

Side-Line No 36, 07-09/01

Sonic Seducer 06/2001

Elegy No 16, 06-07/2001

Orkus 05/2001

Zillo 05/2001

Elegy No 16

E: It must be a great challenge to be now on the same line with COVENANT, VNV NATION & SUICIDE COMMANDO?

It is indeed a challenge to be with labelmates who have had such an enormous influence on today's electronic scene. It fuels our own demand of SEABOUND to offer intelligent and original electronic music you can both dance and listen to. But SEABOUND will add a new and unique perspective to this world of high quality electronic music: psychological depth in the lyrics, a focus on the abyss in every human, many facets in the music, and the balance of contradictions on all possible levels.


E: We don't know well your past. What's the background of SEABOUND before the "Travelling" maxi release?

Martin and I formed SEABOUND in 1995 although we come from quite diverse musical backgrounds. Over the years we have written numerous songs working on a unique style which has now become very characteristic of our music: Pure electronics with many facets. The time we invested into the development of SEABOUND's musical identity reminds me of the time it took me to like a good Bordeaux wine. You have to acquire a taste for complexity, then you'll discover all the facets good music just as good wine can offer. After that you won't be satisfied with cheap stuff anymore. To get an idea what SEABOUND are about now, you can check out and download edited versions of two songs : Travelling and Exorcize.


E: How have you joined Dependent records & the good grace of Stefan Herwig?

We sent Stefan a tape back in 1997, I think. He was interested but not yet convinced by the earlier material. After we sent him demo versions for the songs from the NO SLEEP DEMON album in 1999 he decided that the time was ripe to present SEABOUND to a larger audience. Our material had gotten much stronger and we fitted the profile Stefan was looking for. The point is that we didn't have to rush because both Martin and I are not « dependent on Dependent », i.e. a record deal wasn't our sole goal in life. But when we got together with Stefan, the concept of his label and the option of working together with Eskil of Covenant matched our idea of a good start very well.


E: For our readers who don't know SEABOUND yet, how would you describe your music?

SEABOUND is 100% electronic music that might fit into the « future pop » genre. What is essential for us is balancing contradictions : e.g., to combine harsh and strong electronic sounds and melancholic melodies. Lyrically we want to take our listeners on a journey into the mind, i.e., we offer very personal insights into the human psyche. The lyrics deal with obsession, doubts, anger and fear. At the same time there is an underlying desire for fulfillment in the songs, a quest for love. I'd say that SEABOUND has many facets for the listener to explore, similar to a good movie like « Angel Heart » or « Matrix » that you can watch repeatedly, yet still discovering new elements. At the same time you will have to listen. Only then you will get the subtle messages and the twists that make multi-level universes so much more interesting than flatlands.


E: Your single was produced by Eskil Simonsson (COVENANT). Is it the same collaboration for your full-length album to come?

We stayed with Eskil for several days in January, when he co-produced and remixed the Travelling single. During that time we got along so well that we remained in close contact. Apart from the good personal relationship, the time we spent with Eskil was also a very instructive experience for us that guided us in a way, but we actually produced the album ourselves. We had so many ideas which we wanted to execute exactly in our very own way, that I don't think it would have been beneficial to have the full album produced by a third party. However, Eskil showed us various tricks how to make things work better which have found their place on the album. He has also remixed another album track called « Torn » that we might use in the future.


E: What's the release date of « No Sleep Demon » and what can we expect from it?

The NO SLEEP DEMON album will be released on May 21st on Dependent Records. The album offers a varied selection of 10 electronic songs for your mind. If you dare to confront the Demon inside you that opens its eyes when you start thinking about your life and desires, this album will be your guide. SEABOUND can be very rough and edgy, like early haujobb material. At the same time there are always kind elements representing the emotional counterpart. The song « Torn » for example deals with suicidal thoughts that the first-person narrator phantasizes about. The lyrics capture very deep and desperate feelings yet the song is catchy and danceable. The use and the balance of such contradictions are an important trademark of SEABOUND that is truly unique. It's not a phony or strategic move, though. Our music is personal and honest. I've always demanded authenticity from a good record, as in the music of Skinny Puppy, for example. NO SLEEP DEMON has been recorded in the same spirit and has the power to take you on a very strange journey if you open yourself up to it.



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