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DecadanceTV (2008)
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(02/2004, german)

Side-Line 01-03/2004

Orkus 12-01 2003/2004
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Industrial Nation 07-12/03

Nordsee-Zeitung 07/2001

Side-Line No 36, 07-09/01

Sonic Seducer 06/2001

Elegy No 16, 06-07/2001

Orkus 05/2001

Zillo 05/2001

Side-Line 07-09/01

SL. "No Sleep Demon"… Only beautiful dreams then?

Far from that! I'd rather tell you that the demon is a party animal but unfortunately it isn't. The title of our debut album refers to a time of insomnia I went through. Each night was kind of a threat. Sometimes I'd rather stay awake than try to sleep. After a while you feel as if the world is completely deserted except for you, like a bizarre ghost town from an old western movie. You lie awake and question everything, wondering whether you will ever see the light of day again. It might sound appealing to the people of the night, but it's nothing you really want to go through. However, some people who didn't know our music before, told us that they have been mistaken by the album title when they tried to imagine what the music on "No Sleep Demon" would be like. They were positively surprised to find future pop electro tracks instead of one big nightmarrish soundtrip. After all, the sleepless time was quite inspiring in a creative sense.


SL. When I listen to your texts, I have the impression you want to push the listeners to rethink themselves, to pay more attention to themselves than they usually do?

If you visit our website ( you will be greeted by our motto "Think the inconceivable - Desire the untouchable". In a way I understand this as Seabound's core message to our listeners. Before you can go for things you have not dared to do in the past you need to consider what your goals and desires actually are. In that respect, you are perfectly right: With Seabound I would like to increase people's self-awareness. It is sad enough that we are forced to waste so much life-time on insignificant things. There's no need to loose extra time because we are not in touch with our desires.


SL. Do you consider Seabound as a band with a message then? And how much do you think your music & texts could change anybody's life?

The music and the lyrics in Seabound are complimentary ingredients of our style. The music combines the extremes of harsh and cold electronic elements with fragile melodies and arrangements. In the same sense the lyrics are very personal, even though specific tracks require some decyphering until you get to the their core. Take "Exorcize" as an example: In this song we used a rather controversial sample about Jesus Christ and play with the metaphor of exorcism, the fighting of demons. As far as the story behind these metaphors is concerned the song has no straight religious undertones at all. It is about a relationship on the brink of falling apart. As in most of these cases, one suffers more than the other, because usually one is more dependent on the other than vice versa. The message is that sometimes it takes radical steps to let go, maybe radically re-interpreting things in order to retain your self-respect, and find a way to carry on with your life without too much suffering.
Personally, I am sure that a song can change a person's life. We received some very personal mails from the United States with regard to the lyrics of our song AVALOST which is discussed on the Dependent homepage (


SL. With such a striking album, I am tempted to say that Seabound managed in subtility what others managed with force?

Thanks for the compliment. What can I say?


SL. What about referring to your music as electronic music for the brains?

It's funny of you to ask that because I remember using this translation of "EBM" instead of "electronic body music" a long time ago. The latter was an adequate label for the early EBM in the mid-80s when especially Belgian bands exerted a major influence on the electronic scene. With the changes brought forth by future pop forerunners like Covenant, the mind becomes increasingly important. The good thing is that future pop aims both at the brains AND bodies of the listeners. But it is true that we have consciously decided not to join the present line of acts solely oriented towards to clubs. If Seabound was going for a club hit it had to be accompanied by lyrics that mean something to us, it had to be authentic.


SL. So it appears that you finally decided not to add a second remixed version of "Smoke" on the album? Any reason to this?

We discussed the idea to include a "Smoke" remix on "No Sleep Demon". In the end we felt that the benefit of an extra track would not compensate for the loss of the album's unity. We also carefully chose the order of tracks to sort of guide the listener through the songs that make up "No Sleep Demon". As appealing as bonus tracks are, they can spoil the integrity of an album. I'm quite sure that we will release a remix of "Smoke" in the future, because many people told us it is their favourite track from the album.


SL. I was a bit disappointed you put "Avalost" as an instrumental track only…? Why not having remixed it then? The vocals are so moving on the original version!

"Avalost" is a very special song to me and as the singer/lyrics writer the decision was especially hard to make for me. Believe me, when the idea was brought up to have the vocal version only on the "Travelling" single and go for an edited instrumental version on the album I reacted just like you. However, the album as a whole benefits from the inclusion of the instrumental version which leaves a lot more room for the listener than the vocal version. In a way, it's a place of rest and much more peaceful than the vocal version with its sad story.


SL. By the way, how did you come making music together?

Martin and I first met through mutual friends. At the time we were both making electronic music on our own. It was a bit of a surprise to our friends when we finally decided to make music together because we are quite different both in terms of personalities and musical styles. In retrospect, these differences were essential to our development into an electronic project characterized by contradictions.


SL. Don't you think that playing in a band is quite pretentious and a bit egocentric? Cos we assume that we have something to bring to others?

Playing in a band and releasing the music is definitely an extraverted form of self-expression but I wouldn't necessarily call it pretentious. The most interesting part for me is the feedback from people who listen to it. I am a curious person. Metaphorically speaking, the reactions to our music are the painting, the music itself is simply the set of coloured pencils you hand over.


SL. As a psychologist, I suppose you must also analyse anything that you hear as well… Which were the latest bands who impressed you with their texts or music?

At first I was going to brand you for bringing up this stereotype of a psychologist. But after I gave it a second thought, I suppose there's some truth to it. I've been listening a lot to music from the Warp label recently, especially to a band called "Boards of Canada" which is mainly instrumental music. I was startled by the new main stream sound of Delerium: What a change compared to Bill Leeb's Front Line Assembly days. Great production and great vocalists though! Lyrically, I must admit that I'm still most amazed by the eloquence and depths in the work of Edward Ka-Spel from The Legendary Pink Dots.


SL. What is next for Seabound now?

We are thinking about a second single release but this will in part depend on how well the album is doing. There are also some very interesting mixes of songs from "No Sleep Demon" which are unreleased so far. Some are more club-oriented than the "Travelling" single, and I am experimenting with some very unusual ideas for a remix of "Hooked". There is even some new material in the making, but our focus is on reaching more listeners through selected remix versions on compilations or a second single. We have not scheduled any live gigs yet but I'm sure that you will be able to see Seabound live in the future.


SL. Last but not least… According to you, what will keep Seabound alive in 10 years?

The almost unlimited depth of the human psyche. I can't think of running out of ideas because I'm simply interested in the wonders and twists of this protein structure we call our mind...



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